How Rich Is Lamor Miller Whitehead? Net Worth In 2022 As Bishop Robbed Live Stream

Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead lives a lavish and rich life with his millions of fortune. 

Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead is a well-known community activist and a politician in Brooklyn. He currently serves the Leader of Tomorrow as its bishop and founder. 

He has recently been the talking point over the internet after getting robbed on the live stream. Three robbers targeted him for the jewelry because he was notable for having a vibrant lifestyle. 

The bishop has now spoken up about the robbery incident, giving his statement to the public. Regarding the unfortunate event, NYPD is giving its best in the investigation to solve the case. 

Meanwhile, his followers have shown interest in his luxuriant lifestyle and property. 

Lamor Miller is one of the rich bishops who is also a community activist and a prominent politician. He is often known for flaunting his luxurious jewelry in public. 

He is notable for wearing a famous brand suit Gucci and having luxurious vehicles and diamond-encrusted chains. 

Besides, the bishop founded The Leader of Tomorrow International Ministries, where he advised his followers and even lived streamed from the church. 

The Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministeries Inc is a non-profit estimated to have revenue of less than $500,000 annually. The organization has yet to share the finance and accountability score publicly. 

Nevertheless, Lamor lives a lavish and comfortable life with his family at their home. Moreover, the organization itself seems to have a high value in the field. 

With his flamboyant lifestyle, he often seems to be the public’s target as people have always been interested in his property. As a politician, he might have stocks on his name and his family name too. 

However, Whitehead appears pretty private regarding his home and property. Even so, looking at his lifestyle, he might also have his own few estates. 

Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead estimated net worth is roughly $2 million in 2022. He is an eminent politician, a community activist, and bishop of his organization, Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries. 

As a politician, he must have earned ample fortune over the years. But, as Lamor Miller keeps his matter private, his career earnings remain hidden in the closet for the moment. 

Nevertheless, he owns Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries, which seems to score funds from the people. The public respects him as a bishop, his thoughts, and bits of advice. 

He must have earned millions throughout his career with millions of worth.

Lamor Miller Whitehead and his wife have become the target of the $1 million jewelry heist. He was robbed during the live stream when three robbers pointed guns and demanded. 

As per the New York Post, Lamor and his wife had worth over $1 million in jewels and gold on them. Whitehead stated, “Sometimes when you’re a known bishop, it’s a gift and a curse. You become the talk of the town.” 

They robbed the items like a $75,000 Rolex watch, $25,000 Episcopal ruby & diamond ring, $75,000 Cavalier watch, $25,000 earrings pair, $25,000 Episcopal diamond ring, $20,000 Episcopal ring, $20,000 diamong and emerald cross, $10,000 Episcopal gold cross, and $20,000 Episcopal cross. 

The three armed thieves made off a total of $1,060,000. 

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