How Rich Is Lamor Miller Whitehead? Net Worth In 2022 As Bishop Robbed Live Stream

Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead enjoys a wealthy and opulent lifestyle thanks to his enormous wealth.

Brooklyn’s Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead is a well-known politician and community activist. He is currently the bishop and founder of the Leader of Tomorrow.

After being stolen on a live webcast, he has recently become a hot topic on the internet. He was known for his active lifestyle and three robbers targeted him for the valuables.

The bishop has since come forward and made a public statement regarding the robbery incident. Regarding the terrible incident, NYPD is doing its very best in the case’s investigation.

Meanwhile, his supporters have expressed curiosity in his opulent way of life and possessions.

Bishop Lamor Miller

How Rich Is Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead?

One of the wealthy bishops, Lamor Miller is also a well-known politician and community leader. He is well renowned for showing off his expensive jewellery in public.

He is well-known for driving expensive cars and sporting chains and suits from a well-known fashion house, Gucci.

The bishop also established The Leader of Tomorrow International Ministries, where he offered guidance to his followers and even streamed live from the church.

A non-profit organisation called The Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministeries Inc. is predicted to make less than $500,000 per year in revenue. The group is still waiting to publicly disclose its accountability and financial standing.

Lamor nevertheless has a wealthy and pleasant life at home with his family. Additionally, the company itself appears to be highly valued in the industry.

He frequently seems to be the target of the public due to his flashy lifestyle, and people have always been curious in his real estate. He can have stocks on both his name and his family name as a politician.

Whitehead seems to be quite discreet about his house and possessions, though. Nevertheless, based on his way of living, he might also be the owner of a few estates.

Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead Net Worth And Career Earnings In 2022

In 2022, Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead’s net worth is projected to be at $2 million. He is a respected politician, a proponent of his community, and the bishop of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries.

He must have amassed a substantial wealth over the years as a politician. Lamor Miller’s career earnings, however, are now kept a secret because he wants to keep his personal matter private.

Despite this, he is the owner of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries, a business that appears to receive funding from the public. People respect him as a bishop and value his opinions and words of wisdom.

He must have made millions of dollars throughout the course of his career.

Bishop Lamor Miller Whitehead & His Wife Robbed On Live Stream

The $1 million jewellery heist has targeted Lamor Miller Whitehead and his wife. Three robbers brandished firearms and demanded money from him during the live video.

The New York Post reported that Lamor and his wife were wearing jewellery and gold worth over $1 million. As Whitehead put it, “Being a well-known bishop can occasionally be both a blessing and a punishment. You become the topic of conversation.”

A $75,000 Rolex watch, a $25,000 Episcopal ruby and diamond ring, a $75,000 Cavalier watch, a pair of $25,000 earrings, a $20,000 Episcopal diamond ring, a $20,000 diamond and emerald cross, a $10,000 Episcopal gold cross, and a $20,000 Episcopal cross were among the goods they stole.

Total loot taken by the three armed robbers was $1,060,000

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