How Old Is Renan Ferreira? Age, and biography and his Net Worth

Everything On MMA Fighter Age Wiki And Wife Info

Renan Ferreira is an MMA fighter who is making headlines following his performance in PFL 2. Fans are wondering what his age is. Here are details on his age, Wikipedia, wife, nationality, and other facts about the fighter.

Ferreira is trending on the news following his emphatic victory over Jamelle Jones in mere  through front kick and punches. The event took place on April 28, 2022, in Arlington, Texas.

The MMA fighter is 6’8″ and weighs 260 pounds. His arm reach is 85″ whereas his leg reach is 48″. His nickname is Problema which translates to problem.

His name will forever be in the PFA record books, and his 25 seconds feat is hard to beat. Let’s take a close look at the record-breaking MMA fighter’s career and personal details.

Rennan Ferreira Age And Nationality

Rennan Ferreira is 32 years old. The MMA fighter was born on November 23, 1989, in Porangatu, Goiás, Brazil. He is a Brazilian by nationality. The fighter is associated with Team Nogueira based in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. He speaks Portuguese.Ferreira broke the record for the fastest heavyweight knockout in PFL history breaking his previous record of 31 seconds knockout when he defeated Stuart Austin on August 19, 2021. After the event, Renan is currently on top of the league table with a total of six points.

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MMA Fighter Wiki And Wife Details

Unfortunately, the fighter is not featured on Wikipedia. There is not a dedicated page with his biography on the site. Nevertheless, there is information about him and he is a known name among MMA enthusiasts. He will certainly be featured later in his career.Ferreira is married to Nayana Kelubia. She was born on July 7, 1992. She is currently 29 years old. Her horoscope is Cancer. The couple has a son, Samuel Ferreira Silva, who was born on April 25, 2010. The 12-year-old is called Samuca by his parents.

Renan Ferreira Career Details

The fighter’s current MMA fighting record is 9-2 with seven knockouts and one submission. He scored two back-to-back knockouts in under one minute. His winning streak is extended to three following the victory.

Problema made his professional fighting career debut in MMA Fest – Porgatuna held on December 14, 2013, where he defeated Marcio Marques in just 43 seconds by TKO.He was defeated only two times in his MMA career. The first is by Vinicius Moreira through armbar submission in Fam Fight Night held on September 3, 2016, and the second defeat came by the hands of Brett Martin in LFA 70 held on June 28, 2019.

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