How Old Is FNATIC Boaster? Details To Know About Him

FNATIC Boaster Valorant Age

As of 2022, Boaster is currently 26 years old.

He was born in May 1995 in the United Kingdom. Likewise, the player celebrates his birthday each year on May 25.

Boaster is a professional esports player and has been active since 2020.

Unfortunately, details about his height and weight are unavailable on the internet.

In his team, he plays the role of the initiator in the game, and his favorite character is KAYO.

Boaster Valorant Player Girlfriend Yinsu Collins

Boaster is dating his stunning girlfriend, Yinsu Collins, and has made his relationship public.

The pair is yet to uncover how they both met with each other and when they both started dating.

Boaster and Yinsu can be seen together in several videos on Youtube.

Yinsu is a British VALORANT, League of Legends, and Counterstrike: Global Offensive freelance host, interviewer, and journalist.

Likewise, he has also uploaded a tweet mentioning his girlfriend.

She joined Upcomer as a journalist specializing in VALORANT and League of Legends on March 12th, 2021.

Valorant Gamer Boaster Wiki

As of 2022, Boaster is unavailable on the official page of Wikipedia.

However, his biography and career stats is available on and numerous other websites.

The player is one of the core members of the Fnatic team who has single-handedly won many rounds.

He was previously a professional CounterStrike: Global Offensive player. Later, after the release of Valorant, he perfected his skill and made it into the Valorant team.

Boaster, with his team has participated in numerous tournaments like VCT 2022: Stage 1 Masters, Valorant Champions 2021, Red Bull Home Ground #2, and others.

He has won numerous tournaments and tills and earned approximately $50,061 from the competitions.

What Is FNATIC Boaster Real Name?

Boaster’s real name is Jake Howlett. However, he is recognized by the gamers and fans as Boaster.

He has not cleared why he named himself Boaster to his followers.

Howlett has been living an undercover life. Thus, numerous points of interest around him are not accessible on the internet.

Likewise, he has not uncovered his parents’ names and their professions. Also, he is yet to reveal the number of kins he has in his family.

Meet FNATIC Boaster On Instagram

However, Jake has kept his account private. Hence, one can only see his uploads once their requests are accepted.

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