How Old Is Dan Cunningham? Age, and biography and his Net Worth

Dan Cunningham? Age Wiki And Net Worth 2022 – Jacqueline Gold Husband

Dan Cunningham is better known as the husband of Jacqueline Gold, one of the wealthiest women in the United Kingdom, who helped turn international store Ann Summers into the highly successful brand it is today.

Dan Cunningham is an independent finance broker and cash agent best known for being Ann Summers’ CEO, Jacqueline Gold’s ex-husband. She has gone on to become one of the most successful businesswomen in the United Kingdom.

The couple met in 2002 and separated on New Year’s Day 2006, following three failed IVF efforts and the inability to have a child.  Dan and Gold, on the other hand, reconciled and married in 2010, having one kid together. They are the parents of their lone youngster, Scarlett.

How Old Is Jacqueline Gold’s Husband Dan Cunningham: His Age

Interestingly, Dan is 17 years younger than his ex-wife, Jacqueline Gold, who is 61. In that case, calculating Dan Cunningham’s current age would be 44 years old in 2022. 

Jacqueline Gold was born on July 16, 1960, whilst Dan’s exact birthday is unknown.

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Dan Cunningham Wiki

Unfortunately, little is known about Dan Cunningham’s early life and professional life. Because of his partner’s celebrity, he is in the spotlight.

While talking about his partner, after graduating from high school, Gold began working at Royal Doulton. She subsequently went to work for her father’s sex shop, Ann Summers, until she rose to the position of CEO in 1987.In the year 2000, Jacqueline took over the Knickerbox brand. She subsequently went on to buy her father’s company and become the CEO of all of his businesses, including Gold Group International.

After a successful career as a leader, Gold appeared on The Apprentice and became well-known all around the world. She has also been the topic of several stories up to this point.

What Is Dan Cunningham’s Net Worth?

According to , the average city broker earns roughly $71,078 per year. Dan, working in a comparable field, might make more than that with his long experience. 

On the other hand, his wife, Jacqueline Gold, has an average net worth of $860 million. According to The Sunday Times Rich List for 2019, gold is valued at $584 million. However, as a result of recent events, her net worth has decreased.

However, as reported in recent Financial Times reports, if she continues on this path, she will not only surpass one billion dollars but will also surpass four billion dollars within the next five years.

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