How Old Is Aryan Simhadri? His Age, Girlfriend And Net Worth

How Old Is Aryan Simhadri From Disney Plus Percy Jackson?

15 years old American child actor Aryan Simhadri is taking over the internet after his role was announced in the upcoming series Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Here’s what we know about him.

Aryan Simhadri is a talented American child actor who has already established a name for himself in this field. The young actor is widely noted for his appearance in the movies such as Spin, Cheaper by Dozen, The Main Event, and Will & Grace.

Besides that, Simhadri played the role of Riyaz in the movie named The Main Event, which helped him earn the Young Artist Award in the year 2021. He made his on-screen debut in 2013 by appearing in How to Live with Your Parents (for the Rest of Your Life).

Since then, Simhadri has had an active presence in the showbiz industry and has worked in over 20 films and television series. Now, Simhadri is making headlines on the internet after his role in Percy Jackson, and the Olympians were announced.

How Old Is Aryan Simhadri From Disney Plus Percy Jackson?


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The actor from Disney Plus Percy Jackson is 15 years old as of 2022. According to Famous Birthdays, Simhadri was born in the year 2006, and he lights his birthday candle on May 6 every year. The young actor falls under the birth sign, Taurus.Apart from being known as an actor, Simhadri is also a singer and magician. His Instagram bio shows that he is a black belt in taekwondo. From commercials to Disney Channel stars, he has had a whirlwind career spanning over 11 years.

Furthermore, Simhadri is an all-rounder as he recently forayed into Broadway in New York City as Walter in TREVOR-THE MUSICAL, which had a successful run and gained ubiquitous recognition and appreciation.

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Meet Aryan Simhadri Parents


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The 15 years old actor Aryan Simhadri was raised by his parents, whose name has not been shared with the media. But we know that his father and mother have an Indian background.From his parents’ side, Simhadri also belongs to the Indian-American ethnic background. Moreover, Simhadri is a family man, and he loves spending time with them. Also, he has shared some snaps with them on his Instagram handle, where he is registered a

Aryan Simhadri Plays Grover Underwood Role In Disney Plus Percy Jackson

As we know, Aryan Simhadri is now in the limelight as he will play the role of Grover Underwood in the  Disney Plus movie, Percy Jackson. Talking about the character, Grover is a satyr, half boy and half goat, hidden as a 12-year-old boy who cares greatly about others and will always choose what is best for them, sometimes at his own cost. Though cautious by nature, Grover always throws himself into a fight to save his friends, especially his best friend, Percy. So, now, fans are eagerly waiting for the movie announcement as they want to see their favorite cast.

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