How Much Weight Has Selling Sunset Heather Young Lost? Her Journey With Family

Selling Sunset Heather Young Weight Loss Journey

Heather Young has maintained her weight so well as she is concerned about her health. She follows a balanced diet regularly. Young began her modeling career at the age of eighteen. Since then, she has had a fruitful career with various successes.

Heather has been the subject of several rumors due to her notoriety. According to one of the reports, Heather was said to be undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Regardless of the debate, the issue gradually went away with time. Her weight reduction has recently piqued people’s curiosity.

Rae Young revealed that Heather and her husband have been vegan for a year and are on a diet. It has helped Heather keep her weight in check up to this point.

Young has served as an inspiration to others striving to shed weight to keep their physique and appearance.

Heather Young Before And After Weight Loss

Her fans have noticed significant changes in Heather Young’s appearance since she rose to fame thanks to the popularity of Selling Sunset.

According to Screen Rant, Heather appeared on Netflix’s reality program in March 2019 with natural-looking lips. When Heather shared a photo on social media in August, her lips seemed more significant and unnatural.

Tales of Young’s getting lip fillers have accompanied rumors of her going under the knife. On August 12, 2016, she revealed that she works as a surgical coordinator for plastic surgeon Dr. Tsai.

That message also piqued the interest of her admirers, who wanted to know if Heather had undergone any surgery before appearing on Selling Sunset.

Despite the suspicions and heated debates around her purported cosmetic surgery, Heather has remained silent on the subject.

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How Much LBS Did Heather Young Shed?

Although she appears to have shed far more than 5 pounds, Heather Young’s specific weight loss numbers are unknown.

Heather also uses Instagram stories to highlight her healthy vegan meals, nutrition updates, and skincare regimen. Young’s health consciousness and exercise efforts have prevented her from gaining or losing excessive weight to yet.

Heather currently attends a strength training HIIT class three to four times per week and runs three to four miles on the days in between.

Young’s recent photos show her stunning, and her body type is ideal for her work as a professional modal.

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