How Did Jimi Partington Have A Stroke? Shark Week’s Divemaster Story

Jimi Partington, a shark diving expert, is grabbing headlines after his story of surviving the deadliest shark attack in 2020 is featured on a TV show named Great White Open Ocean.

Partington is one of the fearless shark diving professionals with years of experience in Great White Shark study and production. He has spent the better part of fifteen years managing tourism involving great white sharks on Guadalupe Island in Mexico.

In the years that followed, he collaborated with numerous well-known photographers, marine biologists, and wildlife specialists from around the world. He has also traveled the globe, focusing on shark behavior and observation.

He was acclaimed for his breathtaking work as a safety diver, dive teacher, and underwater photographer. Additionally, he is featured in a variety of foreign media outlets, including National Geographic, BBC, Animal Planet, and Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week.

How Did Jimi Partington Have A Stroke? Shark Week’s Divemaster Story

A massive White Shark attacked Jimi Partington in the ocean while he was shooting for Shark Week in 2020. In particular, a Great White Shark wrecked his chamber while he was inside the enclosure recording, forcing him to swim back to the surface to save his life.

He did, however, avoid being attacked that day by a large, dangerous white shark. He was reportedly in a clear cage while a shark swam close by his cell in the Shark Week footage and did not have a stroke.

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After the shark struck the cage and hurled him into the water, Jimi attempted to enter the cell but ultimately managed to swim back to the neighboring boat and saved his life. People were surprised by the footage as Discover released it. 

What happened To Jimi Partington? Complete Timeline

A diving adventure in 2019 took place close to Guadalupe Island, Mexico, where shark specialist Jimi Partington, 36, from Manchester, filmed footage of the animals hunting there.

The curious shark weighed about two tonnes and was a fully developed female. Jimi claims to have seen this specific predator in the ocean before, and he gave her the name “Bullet” because of a peculiar marking on her dorsal fin that resembles a bullet hole.

With continued recovery – and his passion for sharks more fervent than ever – #JimiPartington is a hero to his friends, inspiration to his loved ones, and champion of his “shark family.” 🦈


A Great White shark packs a set of 300 sharp, triangular teeth arrayed in up to seven rows, so anyone unlucky enough to find itself in its mouth is in for a severe shock. Fortunately, the cage is made to resist a beating, so neither the divers nor Bullet were injured.

Jimi Partington Wife, Family & Net Worth Explored

The net worth of the shark diving expert Jimi Partington is estimated to be around $1 million. He has accumulated his fortune through his career as a producer and diving expert. He has not disclosed any information about his wife and his family.

He began working as the shark expert for Shark Week in 2014, and he has now participated in seven programs. He also made an appearance in Jaws Awakens: Legend of Phred in 2020 as the shark expert.

For many years, Partington served as the show’s co-producer and camera specialist. On July 24, 2022, he will be back with his story for the brand-new documentary Great White Open Ocean.

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