Has Apricot Vtuber Never Ever Done Face Reveal? Find Out More Details

She is a young-aged female content creator

Apricot Vtuber, also known as Froot, has left his fans still in the wait about when she does her face reveal. She is a young-aged female content creator.

Apricot the Lich, often known by her moniker Froot, is an English VTuber and illustrator who debuted on November 27, 2020.

She’s a bittersweet Lich who spends her days drawing art in her underworld castle. She is a member of the American VTuber firm VShojo’s first generation.

He turned to stream once she found she could harvest human souls by disguising them as Twitch Subscriptions.

Has Apricot Vtuber Already Done A Face Reveal?


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Apricot Vtuber has kept his face reveal or her identity private from her fans for the time being. Apricot is a female gamer.

Froot appears to be human at first glance, but she has long pointed ears and four pierced dark purple horns curling back from her skull. Her wings resemble those of a bat.’
Her teal-colored hair is tussled to the neck, with emerald green highlights and long “tails” in front. Apricot’s eyes are emerald green, and her face tattoos shine green when she channels magic.

She’s dressed in a short black and purple off-shoulder gown with a pentagram design on the breast, arm-length fingerless gloves, a single thigh-high fishnet, spiked shoes, a choker, and a silver crown with a skull theme.

She made her Twitch debut on November 27, 2020, as part of the newly founded agency VShojo as first-generation, with over 13,600 viewers and 18,049 followers.

“The Frootcakes” is the name of her fan club. Her Discord server is now only open to Patreon backers.

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Fans Want To Know Apricot Vtuber Age And Wiki Details


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Apricot Vtuber, born on October 22, is a young and emerging digital platform content creator and a gamer.

Froot is a professional VTuber and a young girl. She was previously an independent YouTuber but recently joined VShojo, an Americana VTuber firm.

She began streaming on November 27, 2020, and in less than a year, she has amassed thousands of followers across her social media platforms.
There is no information about Froot’s net worth available on the internet. However, she may have struck it rich because she quit her job and went into streaming.

She is also supported by Patreon and receives money from her views and brand partnerships. Apricot has successfully followed her passion as she has both fame and wealth.

She has been in this field so long that she has forgotten how she came to be known as Apricot. She thinks it was given to her by a buddy from her past.

What Is Apricot Vtuber Real Name?

Apricot Vtuber is yet to mention her real name and personal details to her followers and the public.

Zentreya, Projekt Melody, Ironmouse, Nyanners, Silverdale, and Hime are Froot’s first-generation companions in VShojo.

She has designed clothes for some of them and assisted with their artistic debuts. She’s also responsible for Hime and Lord Commander Chaos’ Live2D models.
Snuffy, Bunny GIF, FeFe, Compost, Natsumi Moe, and Momo are just a few of Froot’s indie Vtuber buddies.

Froot has remarked that she is a big fan of ProjektMelody and her friends. She’s expressed an interest in making a cream pie for Snuffy.
To know more or less about her personality and character, you can follow her on Instagram. Apricot is available on Instagram under the username @froot.shrimp.

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