Financial Advisor Dawn Bennett In Prison? Fraudster On American Greed

Dawn Bennett was a well-off financial advisor who greatly influenced her workplace.

However, she lost it all when her name git embroiled in a financial fraud that earned her a maximum prison sentence. Bennett was charged with whopping 17 charges related to a Ponzi scheme.

Ms. Bennett formerly operated Bennett Financial Group Services in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Moreover, she often was a well-known name in the media as she had her own nationally syndicated radio show, “Financial Myth Busting.”

Is The Financial Advisor Dawn Bennett In Prison?


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Dawn Bennett, the infamous financial advisor, is reported to be in prison today. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison at the end of July 2019 after being found guilty in a $20 million Ponzi scheme case.

However, in August of the same year, the former financial adviser had sought an appeal to her conviction on those seventeen federal charges.

Meanwhile, her current whereabouts, including her prison name and the update on her appeal case, are not on display.

Bennett had lost her bonds and connections with her people with her conviction. Thus, many insiders about her current well-being are not on display.

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Dawn Bennett Wikipedia and Biography


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Dawn Bennett’s conviction news had created hit the headlines back in the day, intriguing the netizens to search for her biography.

She has successfully kept her early life background away from the public; hence, not much about her life is known to the public.

Bennett hailed from a well-educated background, given her promising career as a financial advisor. Barron’s Magazine had named her three times to its lists of top economic advisers at the peak of her success.

It showed that Bennett managed over $1 billion in client assets while also catering to her radio show.

However, her glitters were all for the outside, as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) claims that she had heavily inflated her assets and portfolio performance.

Who Is Dawn Bennett Husband?

Dawn Bennett has not introduced her husband or given any insights into her marital life to date. She was known for her professional success, which later proved to be a sham.

Since Bennett’s conviction, her family and her close associates have maintained their silence among the public.

Dawn Bennett Story On American Greed Episode

The hit CNBC docu-show “American Greed” in a 2020 episode covered Dawn Bennett’s story. It followed her glitz lifestyle while her victims talked about their huge monetary losses after investing in Bennett’s company.

Ms. Bennett is still infamous for her misdeeds as her fraud racked up millions and millions in a short time.

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