Filipe Toledo Wife Ananda Marcal, Surfer Family Life

Filipe had his Championship in 2021, placing second and winning two tournaments.

Filipe has been competing on the World Surf League Men’s World Tour since 2013 and won the World Qualifying Series (WQS) in 2014 after also competing in specific WQS tournaments.

Filipe Toledo Wife Ananda Marcal Age Gap Details


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Filipe Toledo is a 27-year-old Brazilian actor born on April 16, 1995. Ananda Marcal’s precise date of birth is unknown; however, she appears to be in her mid-twenties.

The age difference between Ananda and Filipe appears to be 1 to 2 years. Filipe has also published photos of himself and his wife on his Instagram account, which has received thousands of likes.

Ananda and Filipe appear to be happily married since there has been no news of their divorce in public.

Marcal appears to treat her husband with respect, as any decent wife should, and they look to have an excellent working relationship.

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Filipe Toledo Net Worth: How Rich?


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Filipe Toledo is estimated to have a net worth of over USD 600,000, which includes his assets and properties. Toledo has yet to divulge his actual net worth.

Toledo’s primary source of income is as a pro surfer who earns money by winning contests. Toledo also gets money through sponsorships.

Toledo appears to be living a fabulous and affluent life based on the money he has gained through his surfing career thus far.

Filipe had one of the most incredible years of his professional career on the WSL World Championship Tour in 2015, winning his first three WCT events and scoring a perfect ten in each final he appeared in.

Is Filipe Toledo Married To Ananda Marcal?

Ananda Marcal, Filipe Toledo’s wife, is his life partner. Although the actual date of their marriage has not been confirmed, Filipe and Ananda are thought to have been married for quite some time.

Ananda is a well-known Brazilian artist/band well known for the song “Cancela,” and a lovely model.

Marcal appears to be 5 feet 7 inches tall and has a healthy weight for her height. Marcal seems to take good care of her body as a professional modal, going to the gym and working out regularly.

Ananda appears to eat a healthy, balanced diet to keep in shape, and she has black natural hair and a light complexion tone.

Filipe Toledo Children & Family

Filipe Toledo and Ananda Marcal have two daughters and are happy to be the parents of such beautiful children.

Toledo has not revealed anything about his parents or siblings; however, he was born to his parents in Ubatuba, So Paulo, Brazil.

Filipe, a native of Ubatuba on the northeastern coast of the Brazilian state of So Paulo, has lived in San Clemente since 2015. Toledo’s current board of choice is Sharp Eye Surfboards with an FCS II fin arrangement.

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