Family Details About The American Politician

.The Power Pair Both Janet Langhart Cohen and William Cohen are citizens of the United States. Many of their supporters are curious to know more about their relationship. Learn more by reading on

William is an American lawyer, novelist, and politician from Maine. Cohen, a Republican, served as Secretary of Defense under Democratic President Bill Clinton and in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The attorney has had a distinguished career. Janet, his wife, is equally successful as William.

William Cohen Wife Janet Langhart Cohen

Meet William Cohen Wife Janet Langhart Cohen

American author and television journalist Janet works in both fields. When Langhart first started modelling, she was employed by Marshall Field’s and the Ebony Fashion Fair in Chicago. She was named Miss Chicagoland in 1967.

Langhart worked as the “weather gal” for station 26 WCIU before becoming WBBM-first TV’s first black “weathergirl” in 1970 at the age of 29. [16] At about the same time, she started anchoring “Indy Today,” an early morning women’s interview programme on Indianapolis’ WISH-TV. She had to travel back and forth between Chicago and Indianapolis to work on both shows.

She also became well-known as a black television journalist at many stations. She made her television debut on Boston’s WCVB-TV in September 1973, co-hosting Good Day’s morning show! (formerly titled Good Morning!).

Later, in the middle of 1978, she was hired by NBC and moved to New York to present the daily chat and interview programme People to People. Nevertheless, the new programme soon changed its name to America Alive, and Langhart quit hosting her programme to become a roving journalist and co-host on America Alive with Bruce Jenner and Pat Mitchell.

She presently serves as Langhart Communication’s president and CEO. She is also William Cohen’s wife, a former defence secretary.

Age Gap Between William Cohen And Janet Langhart Cohen

There is only one year between William and Janet in age.

When Langhart was headquartered in Boston and Cohen was a member of the Maine congressional delegation, they first spoke over the phone during a long-distance interview.

It wasn’t until she started working for BET in Washington, D.C., that the couple actually met. At that time, Andrew Young, one of the MPs, set up a meeting between her and William. Since then, they’ve developed friendships. The couple started dating after divorcing their former spouse.

In addition, the pair dated for a while before getting hitched. The pair later were married at the US Capitol on February 14, 1996, on Valentine’s Day. The couple has adopted a puppy instead of having a kid from their marriage, though.

Net Worth Comparison William Cohen And Janet Langhart Cohen

As of November 22, 2021, William G. Cohen’s net worth is predicted to be at least $1.11 million. Around 8,750 shares of LMP Automotive Inc. are held by Mr. Cohen, who is worth over $1,107,913. In addition, he has traded Lmp Automotive Inc. shares more than five times since 2019. On November 22, 2021, he most recently spent $99,575 on 8,750 LMPX shares. estimates that the average news reporter can make up to $38,023, with the highest-paid earning $61,000 yearly.

In addition, Janet has worked in a number of different fields, therefore it’s possible that she has a sizeable bank account balance. She is also the founder of the nonprofit Citizen Patriot Organization. We are convinced that her net worth exceeds $1 million due to her dedication and hard work.

The source of Langhart’s wealth is her successful journalism career. Moreover, Janet has experience working as a news reporter for WCVB-TV and WBBM-TV. Janet, on the other hand, has not previously made her wealth public. She may have made over a million dollars through her multi-profession, numerous sources have revealed.

Consequently, as a couple, they have accumulated enormous quantities of money and are leading luxurious lives.

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