Erin Napier Daughter Mae Napier Age, Health Details

Erin Napier Daughter: Mae Napier

Mae Napier is the youngest daughter of Erin Napier, a famous American television personality. Erin is upfront about her daughter’s health issues, so read on to find more about her daughter’s illness and medical outcomes.

Mae Napier’s mother, Erin Napier, best known for her work on the popular HGTV show Home Town, is very open about her mental health struggles. She uses social media to share her personal life in the same manner that she has shared her and her daughter’s illness.

Mae was born with some birth defects known as congenital anomalies, structural or functional abnormalities that develop during intrauterine life.

Mae was born to Erin and Ben Napier. According to the HGTV personality, the family’s youngest child was just the missing piece they needed.

Mae Napier’s name was mentioned on the television show. This Is Us. Erin Napier revealed on Instagram that her newborn daughter’s name, Mae, was featured on NBC’s show during a sequence in which two of the main characters were expecting their kid.

Erin Napier Daughter: How Old Is Mae Napier?


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Mae Napier was born on May 28, 2021, and is almost 11 months old at the moment. Her zodiac sign is Gemini, and she will soon celebrate her first birthday in May 2022.

May has an older sister named Helen Napier, who was born on January 3, 2018. Her sister, who is three years older than her, recently turned four years old.

May’s mother loves to keep her admirers up to date on what’s going on in their life. As a result, she and her sisters are visible on her parents’ social media pages.

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Mae Napier Illness Update Does She Have Any Disability?


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Mae Napier was diagnosed with a condition when she was born. She’s had congenital issues from the womb.

Congenital illnesses can be passed down through the generations or brought on by environmental circumstances. Approximately 6% of newborns are born with a congenital abnormality in the world, resulting in hundreds of thousands of fatalities globally.

Congenital illness’s effect on a child’s health and development isn’t necessarily severe, and it might be relatively moderate in certain cases. A kid with a congenital condition, on the other hand, may have a handicap or health difficulties throughout his or her life.

Although Mae is claimed to have a congenital ailment, it is unknown how severe her condition is or if she will have to live with a disability in the future.

Mae Napier Photos On Instagram

Mae’s mother updates her daughter’s health status on Instagram. Despite Mae’s health issues, her mother considers her to be the loveliest and easiest child.

According to Mae’s parents, she is doing wonderful in physical therapy and getting stronger every day, already crawling and constantly smiling.

Regardless of the circumstances, Mae’s parents continue to update their admirers. In a blog post, Mae’s mother wrote that Mae is improving and that treatment has shown to be beneficial to her.

Mae’s mother was similarly in poor physical condition. Her unexplained illness, which she had been suffering from for quite some time, was discovered to be a perforated appendix. She shared the photo while recovering from a ruptured appendix in hospital in 2014.

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