Does Rula Lenska Wear Wig? Why The Years Old Actress Still Looks

Rula Lenska is an actress from the United Kingdom. Claudia Colby was her character on Coronation Street.

She is best known in the United States for a series of advertisements for Alberto VO5 hairspray in the late 1970s and early 1980s, although she also appears in British theatre and television productions.

Rula Lenska is rumored to be wearing a wig as she appears to have such beautiful hair even for her age.

People are quite justified in taking an interest in her because her hair appears to be better. Regardless, she does not wear a hairpiece on a regular basis.

Rula used to be self-conscious about her crimson hair, but as she grew older and realized how unique it was in comparison to other colors, she came to like it.

Who Is Lara Parker Deacon? Rula Lenska Daughter


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Lara Parker Decon is the daughter of Rula Lenska. Rula has two children and was married twice during her career.

Lenska was first married to the actor Brian Deacon in 1997 and then got separated in 1987. She then married Dennis Waterman in 1987 and their relationship ended after a year.

She had her daughter, Lara Parker Deacon with her first husband, Brian. Unfortunately, not much is available about her daughter including her profession and age.

Lara is famous among the public as the daughter of her celebrity parents. Her father, Brian Deacon, and her mother, Rula Lenska are both famous actors.

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Rula Lenska Age And Wikipedia

Rula Lenska is currently at the age of 74 years old as she was born on 30 September 1947 in St Neots, Huntingdonshire, England, the UK as per her Wikipedia profile.

Lenska was born in a Polish refugee camp that had formerly been the EVAC American Military Hospital in the English village of Diddington, near St Neots, Huntingdonshire.

Her birth was recorded in the adjacent town of St Neots. Her family is Polish aristocracy, holding the Pomian coat of arms, and possessed a castle and estate in Kazimierza Wielka, Poland, prior to the war.

Prior to the German conquest of Poland, her father, Major Count Ludwik ubieski, served as personal secretary to Józef Beck, Poland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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