Does Major General William Cooley Have A Wife? His About Married Life Details

Major General Is Chief Of The Air Force

Major General William Cooley’s wife Janet Cooley has stayed silent about the matter even after he is found guilty by the Martial Court.

Major General William T. Cooley served as the chief of the Air Force Materiel Command’s special assistant for digitalization. He formerly held the position of commander of the Air Force Research Laboratory.

However, according to sources, he was fired from his position after sexual assault claims were made against him.

Does Major General William Cooley Have A Wife?

Yes, Major General William does have a wife. He is married to his long-time partner and wife, Janet Cooley. 

Mr. William has shared numerous photographs of himself with Janet on his Twitter account @CooleyBill. However, no details about her can be extracted from there.

General William’s relationship with Mrs. Janet may have got strained as a result of recent allegations leveled against him. Mrs. Janet has yet to comment about her husband to the press.

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Was Major General William Cooley Guilty Of Sexual Misconduct?

In a military court in Ohio, Major General William Cooley was found guilty of abusive sexual contact. It was the first court case and guilty verdict of a general officer in the Air Force’s history.

Mr. Cooley was found guilty on one charge connected to an incident in New Mexico in 2018. As of now, Cooley has pleaded not guilty. 

A senior military judge found he was guilty of kissing the victim with the intent to gratify his sexual desire.

US Air Force general officer was alleged of three specifications of sexual assault but the judge found Cooley not guilty of the two other specifications. 

First-Ever US Air Force Trial Finds Major General William Cooley Guilty

The first-ever US Air Force trial found Major General William Cooley guilty of one out of three specifications of sexual assault.

According to an Air Force statement, the victim testified in court that Cooley asked her for a ride after a social event.

During the short ride, the victim accused Cooley of having a conversation with her about fantasizing about having sex with her.

Cooley is also accused of pushing the victim against the driver’s side window, kissing her forcibly, and touching her inappropriately.

Because the Air Force does not release the names of sexual assault victims, the victim’s identity remains unknown.

However, the victim has agreed to allow news outlets to reveal her relationship with Cooley without naming her.

Major General William Cooley And Family 

Major General William Cooley did something that had a huge negative impact on his brothers’ families.

According to sources, Cooley’s brother’s wife was among the victims. Cooley’s sister-in-law claimed in a statement that she pursued the matter because of her two daughters.

Furthermore, she argued that people deserve a world and a system in which they are never forced to participate in a lie in order to defend a power structure or a predator.

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