Does Elani Dekker Have A Husband? Meet The Actress From Silverton Siege

Does Elani Dekker Have A Husband?

Elani Dekker is a South African actress who is said to be dating one of her Toorbos co-stars. Check out whether they’re married and if the actor is Elani Dekker’s husband.

Elani Dekker is most known for her performance as Yvette Verwey in Jou Romeo (2016), a South African romantic comedy about two drama nerds who should save their school’s low-budget Romeo and Juliet play.

Dekker has been in a handful of South African films and has performed various roles. She appeared as Nicky van As in Vergeet my nie (2020), as Lisa de Wet in Liewe Lisa (2019), as Older Pizzaface in Vaselinetjie (2017), and as Older Zettie in Raaiselkind (2017).

Dekker enjoys painting in her spare time, aside from acting. She mostly paints exotic creatures in watercolors, which can be seen on her social pages.

Elani Dekker Age How Old Is She?


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Elani Dekker’s age is estimated to be between 20 and 30 years old. However, no credible sources have been found to date that can confirm her age.

Dekker is currently grabbing attention due to her appearance in the action thriller series Silverton Siege (2022). On April 27, 2022, the series made its Netflix premiere.

In the Netflix series, Dekker can be seen as Christine, the bank’s supervisor, who is being held captive. Dekker’s perceptive and tolerant character helps reveal Khumalo’s childhood traumas as well as the impact of segregation laws on the psyche and social status of Black Africans in a tiny part.

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Elani Dekker Husband Is She Married?


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Elani Dekker is reported to be dating Stiaan Smith, a South African actor known for his roles in Hotel (2016), Sy klink soos lente (2016) and Beurtkrag (2021).

The couple can be seen brazenly uploading images of themselves on their social media sites. They have not been engaged or married, according to reports.

Dekker and Smith, who met on the set of Toorbos (2019) and fell in love, are now a real-life couple. They were cast as the romantic protagonists in the film, with Elani Dekker portraying Karoliena Kapp and Stiaan Smith portraying Johannes Stander.

On a campervan tour, the Toorbos stars are traveling together. They have an Instagram account called @_onssewa_, which is intended to be their travel journal.

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