Does Brittany Bristow Have A Husband? Relationship Details On The Actress

Brittany Bristow actress

Fans wonder if the actress Brittany Bristow has a husband after her new movie A Tail of Love creates a buzz about her real-life relationship.

Brittany Bristow is a well-known Canadian actress and producer. With more than 40 acting credits to her name to this date, she has managed to make a considerable name for herself in the industry.

She mostly plays in TV movies and has several of them lined up, while you can also find the actress in multiple TV series. Besides her on-screen life, many fans are also interested to know about the actress’s personal life details and her love life.

In the meantime, several of them wonder if Bristow has a husband.

Does Brittany Bristow Have A Husband?

No, Brittany Bristow doesn’t have a husband as she is yet to get married.

However, it seems only a matter of time before she ties the knot with her to-be husband, Dustin Keating.

As per the internet reports, Brittany and her boyfriend of two years, Keating, got engaged in 2021.

The actress also took to her Instagram to open up about the marriage proposal, where she revealed the man proposed to her after two years of dating.

As things stand, the couple has yet to exchange the wedding vows and call themselves wife and husband.

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Brittany Bristow Dating History

Discussing Brittany Bristow’s dating history, there is no record of another man that the woman dated before her current lover.

Brittany and Dustin came together in 2019, which marked the beginning of their relationship.

Since then, they have been together, and it seems like the couple is looking for a long future together.

Besides this, there is no information about her previous relationships and past lovers.

There might have been at least one other guy that the actress dated previously, but due to the lack of proper data, we can’t confirm anything at this time.

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