Did Nessa And Jaden Break Up? Parents And Biography Datails

Did Nessa And Jaden Break Up?

Both Nessa and Jaden appear to be happy, and they even post images of themselves together on Instagram. Nessa and Jaden have yet to make a public comment about their breakup.

So, rather than being authentic, Nessa and Jaden’s split narrative might be a fake. Nessa and Jaden have been dating since March 2021, and based on their Instagram photos, they appear happy together.

If Nessa and Jaden had broken up, they would have taken down the photos of them together from their Instagram account, but they haven’t done so yet.

After releasing their single “La Di Die” in February 2021, Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett fueled relationship speculations, and the two have been dating since then.

On a radio interview with Audacy’s Kevan Kenney in June 2021, Hossler acknowledged that he was Barrett’s boyfriend.

What Happened To Nessa And Jaden


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When Jaden Hossler’s ex, Mads Lewis, uploaded a since-deleted TikTok video in March 2021, claiming that Nessa Barrett had stolen the “Angels & Demons” singer from her, the internet stars made headlines nearly a month after dropping their song.

There is a rumor that they have unfollowed each other on Instagram, and they are parting ways, but they do not officially disclose it.

At the time, Barrett and Hossler kept a low profile regarding what was going on between them.

Following the virality of Lewis’ video, another TikTok star Josh Richards (who dated Barrett for about a year) came out about the incident on an edition of the “BFFs” podcast, claiming that his best buddy Hossler “wouldn’t do anything” with Barrett.

For her part, Nessa didn’t directly address the subject, but she did send a cryptic tweet after Mads’ TikTok became viral.

Barrett and Hossler were photographed out to dinner in Los Angeles a few days later. Barrett told Hollywood Fix he didn’t know anything about their relationship status when asked about their relationship status.

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Who are Nessa Barrett & Jaden Hossler? Wiki


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Janesa Jaida Barrett, better known by her stage name Nessa Barrett, is a singer and songwriter from the United States.

Nessa debuted as a musician in July 2020 when she released “Pain,” a piano-based song. Her debut single was published immediately after she signed with Warner Records after the label saw a video of her singing on TikTok and reached out to her.

She began her music career in October 2020, releasing her second song, “If U Love Me,” intending to emulate a “dark, punk rock type of atmosphere.”

Jaden Isaiah Hossler, better known by his stage name Jxdn, is an American singer. Jaden debuted in the music industry in February 2020 when he self-released “Comatose,” his first song.

The song has drawn the attention of Travis Barker, who signed Hossler to his DTA Records label in a joint venture with Elektra Records. He released the songs “Angels & Demons” and “So What” in May and July 2020, respectively.

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