Did Naomi Judd Commit Suicide? Singer Dies Aged 76. All details

Naomi Judd Singer Dies Aged 76

Naomi Judd has recently died at the age of 76 and it is rumored that she committed suicide. However, the official statement about the clear cause of the death has not come yet from the sources close to the legendary singer.

Let’s find out more about the singer and her cause of the death.

Everyone familiar with country music is well known for the music of The Judds. The Judds is a popular country music band composed of Naomi and her daughter. The band is known for its mellifluous song all over the world among the country music fans.

The band broke and reunited multiple times. They initially broke because Naomi was diagnosed with hepatitis C. Naomi had a pretty rough life from a young age; she lost her beloved brother when she was 20.

Did Naomi Judd Commit Suicide? Why?


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Although the clear reason for the death of Naomi is yet to be revealed, people are speculating that she died after committing suicide. This speculation started because Naomi was battling multiple mental illnesses. 

She was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, edema, baldness, tremors, and suicidal thoughts. It was her daughter Ashley who broke the sad news to the public about the death of her mother.

She wrote on Twitter that they lost their mother to mental illness, which also has some indication that Naomi might have committed suicide. However to be certain about this matter people will have to wait for official clarification.

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Naomi Judd Husband & Children


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Naomi’s husband is Larry Strickland. They got married in 1989. Before him, she was married to Michael Ciminella, with who her relationship ended in 1972. Naomi was 18 years old when her first daughter was born.

Her older daughter is Wynonna, with who she founded her band and the mother-daughter duo went on to win prestigious awards like Grammy for their exceptional music. Wynonna is the most popular country music singer.

Her younger daughter Ashley has chosen a little different direction than her. Ashley is a known actress, who has been part of many hit projects like Divergent, Frida, and others. It can be said that Naomi’s daughters are very active in the entertainment industry.

Naomi Judd’s Net Worth Revealed

It has been estimated that Naomi is worth more than $25 million. There is no accurate information about her wealth and her assets; however, she was certainly worth millions because she was one of the most successful country singers.

Over her career which expands over decades, she has given many hits that have been sung by different generations. Her success and commitment to music have certainly inspired many young women to pursue their dream.

People have taken over the internet to express their gratitude and condolences to the deceased singer. She will be certainly missed but the entire music industry.

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