Did Jay Wright Have An Affair? Wife Patricia Reilly Reaction As Villanova Coach Retires

One Of The Best Basketball Coaches In The History Of The NCAA

A former basketball head coach, Jay Wright, is known for his long-serving at Villanova University. He started coaching the team in 2001 for over two decades until recently retiring from his position. 

who won national championships twice. As the coach retired, people honored him for his incredible time in the basketball world. 

Nevertheless, the rumors of his affairs sparked in, making his followers curious about Jay’s personal love life and romance.

Did Jay Wright Have An Affair? 

No, Jay Wright does not have an affair, and neither does he have an extramarital love life. A former basketball coach of Villanova is a famous public figure who has faced much gossip in his life.

Having an affair is just one of the tittle-tattle; that the ex-coach faced in his famed life. In 2012, he went through several gossips about his personal life, also facing the rumors of divorcing his wife for a fling.

Nevertheless, the rumors got debunked shortly after Jay’s friends, family, colleagues, and anyone who knows him denied anything taking rounds on the internet.

He has been a family man, who loves his wife, and his children. Also, the ex-coach doesn’t seem to care much about the false rumors; about him.

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Meet Jay Wright’s Wife, Patricia Reilly- Does He Have Kids?

Jay Wright tied a knot with his beloved wife, Patricia Reilly, in early 1961. The couple vowed to each other in the beautiful city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

They share three children, a daughter, and two sons, in their happy family. Jay and Patricia named their children Reilly, Colin, and Taylor.

The Wright family has been living together blissfully, sharing their happiness and problems.

Why Is Jay Wright Leaving Villanova? His Net Worth At Retirement

Jay Wright stated, “its’s time for us to enter a new era of Villanova basketball. After 35 years in coaching, I am proud and excited to hand over the reins to Villanova’s next coach.”

A former head coach honored his opportunity to work for Villanova while bidding farewell. As per Celebrity Net Worth, his estimated net worth is approximately around $7 million.

He seems to be preparing to enjoy his retirement life with his family while giving a chance for a new basketball era on the team.

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