Did Dr William Husel Have Children? Wife Mariah Baird and Family Details

William Husel is an Ohio doctor accused of murdering patients with “wildly excessive”

A former Cleveland Clinic physician of the year faced one count of murder for each of the 14 severely sick patients he was accused of murdering.

However, the jury debated for seven days before finding him not guilty on all 14 counts.

Did Dr. William Husel Have Children?

People are wondering about Dr. William Husel’s children now that the trial has concluded and he is proven not guilty. The doctor is married to his wife, Mariah Baird, and has two

Dr. Husel’s trial began on February 22, 2022, and he was charged with 14 counts of murder. He was accused of ordering the medicines for Mount Carmel Health System patients.

He was charged with at least 500 micrograms of the dangerous opioid fentanyl instances. Prosecutors said that prescribing such amounts for a nonsurgical circumstance reflected a desire to end people’s lives.

Husel’s lawyers maintained that he was only providing comfort care to dying individuals and was not attempting to murder them.

They argued that the doctor’s activities were not hidden and nurses were the ones who administered the doses. Furthermore, it was mentioned that hospital authorities made Husel the villain after understanding the systemic flaws at work.

Before deliberations began, Franklin County Judge Michael Holbrook informed jurors that they might consider lesser counts of attempted murder. For six days, they discussed.

Husel gave some patients enough fentanyl to “kill an elephant,” according to Dr. Wes Ely, a physician, and professor of medicine at Vanderbilt University.

If Husel was found guilty of only one count of murder, he would have faced life in prison with the possibility of release in 15 years.

During closing arguments on April 11, David Zeyen, an assistant Franklin County prosecutor, told jurors that it is illegal to speed up the procedure no matter how near a patient is to death.

According to Husel’s attorney, Jose Baez, prosecutors have not offered “a scrap of proof” to support their assertions. Franklin Judge Michael Holbrook instructed the panel on Monday to make one more effort to reach a decision.

Just in the case after the jury informed him that they were deadlocked.

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Dr. William Husel Wife Mariah Baird Was One Of The Nurse Who Assisted Him

Dr. William Husel’s wife, Mariah Baird was accused of giving a deadly amount of fentanyl to Jan Thomas, “knowing that such dose was extremely unsuitable.”

Mariah is one of the nurses who helped administer drugs to one of the 34 patients who the hospital believes received excessive quantities of fentanyl.

Baird is married to Dr. Husel, since Oct. 2, 2017, the physician at the center of a Mount Carmel Health System. 

Mariah followed her husband to the courtroom as he was on trial for the accusations. He was originally charged with 25 counts of murder in connection with the fentanyl deaths.

However, 11 of the accusations were dropped before the commencement of the trial, leaving him with only 14 counts to answer.

Husel’s colleagues who administered the medications weren’t criminally charged. But the hospital system said it fired 23 nurses, pharmacists, and managers after its internal investigation and referred various employees to their respective state boards for possible disciplinary action.

Dr. Husel and Mariah were both sacked from Mount Carmel St. Ann’s in December 2018.

Dr. William Husel’s Family Are Relieved To See Him Proven Not Guilty By The Prosecutors

Dr. William Husel is a family man, who resides with his third wife, Mariah Baird, and two of their kids. They are finally relieved and can breathe a sigh of relief after Husel is ruled not guilty at his final hearing.

According to his Wikipedia, the 46 years of doctor was born on November 11, 1975, in Cleveland, Ohio. There he attended St. Ignatius High School, where he excelled in basketball and served as captain his senior year. 

Husel completed his schooling at Ohio State University in the mid-1990s, finishing with a degree in microbiology in 2000. Husel then attended and graduated from Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2008.

After completing his required medical training in 2013, Husel found work as an intensive-care doctor at Mount Carmel West Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

Husel began prescribing extremely high doses of fentanyl to his patients in February 2015 and his patient’s relative filed a case against him. 

The doctor is reported to have a net worth of $8 million, however, this has been reduced due to the defamation of his name as a result of the murder allegations. We believe he is having difficulty making a living from his career.

However, now that all the charges against him are removed he can practice and make an earning. 

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