Did Alex Fevola Married Her Past Boyfriend Lonny?

Brendan Fevola Is The Only Husband Of Her

Alex Fevola is an Australian photographer and the wife of Brendan Fevola, a retired AFL footballer. She had a five-year relationship with her ex-boyfriend Lonny but never wedded him.

Alex Fevola is popular for her modeling accomplishments. She is presently engaged and is the CEO of the beauty brand Runway Room.

Brendan Fevola, the 44-year-partner, old’s has recently spoken up about the men in her past who have inspired her. Keith, her dad, worked as a carpet layer before going into business for himself.

As per the American model, he was a reliable person who wasn’t at home often. It was a typical 1980s family set-up, with her mother caring for her son and daughters.

Alex Fevola Dated Lonny For Five Years Prior But Did Not Marry Him


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Alex Fevola never married her long-time boyfriend Lonny despite her dating him for five years. 

When Alex encountered Lonny, she was 18 and working part-time as a model and caring for racehorses. She would tell her pals that she had discovered a stray dog and was looking for a new home for it.

They suggested that the American model could speak with Lonny since he may be interested. She promptly contacted him, and they began to speak.

Lonny’s reckless ride began when he was involved in a horrific vehicle accident in which he sustained serious brain injuries and was forever transformed as a result of the accident. He had a gloomy aura about him.

Fevola fell pregnant at the age of 21 and gave birth to their daughter, Mia, the following year. Lonny committed suicide four weeks and four days after Mia was born.

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Alex Fevola First And Only Husband Is Brendon Fevola


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Alex Fevola married Brendan Fevola on October 7, 2005, at St John’s Church in Toorak and he is her first and only husband. 

The pair has two daughters, Leni and Lulu and Brendan is the stepfather to Mia, a kid from a Cheatham prior relationship. Fevola revealed on Fox FM’s Fifi, Fev & Byron in May 2018 that his partner Alex was expecting a third baby.

However, after 14 years of being married, they parted ways in December 2006, after suspicions of Fevola’s betrayal with model Lara Bingle.

Brendan had become distant from Alex after the birth of Leni, as per Alex in a Woman’s Day interview. However, they were re-engaged in 2016.

Alex Fevola Current Relationship Timeline And Love Life After Divorce

Alex Fevola is still in a relationship with Brendan Fevola despite their divorce, although they have not remarried.

Letting go of all the anger and bitterness is the key to a second-round relationship. People must start over as two people, according to the model.

When Brendan was featured on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2016, the couple was back together for a few months.

Australia could see how much he had matured and transformed, as well as his affection for his children.

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