Deborah Fraser Why was Gospel Singer on Wheelchair? what happened?

Deborah Fraser on Wheelchair: Why was Gospel Singer on Wheelchair?

Gospel vocalist, Dr. Deborah Fraser has uncovered transparently in the media that her legs were not working great and she can’t walk. The legendary gospel artist said in the Instagram video. Whenever her admirers paid attention to that, everyone was sad. They can’t swallow reality that she can’t be an ordinary individual like us.

Deborah Fraser on Wheelchair: everyone was sad

Deborah Fraser was a 56-year-old singer. She revealed her cause of the wheelchair. She says, It all began when I started vomiting uncontrollably and I lost my strength. My back was so hurting and I can’t control myself to stand it on my own. I immediately go to the doctor and talked to him about whats going on in my body.

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The doctor diagnosed her and discovered that she was suffering from a rare type of disease. In this disease, a person would not stand on his own and can’t walk. Before, having this disease, she’s been sick and was hospitalized earlier this year in February and March. She also told to the reporters that, things haven’t been easy for her and she is facing so many difficulties while sitting in the wheelchair.


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