Deadliest Catch: Is Jake Harris Back On The Cornelia Marie? Details

Deadliest Catch: Is Jake Harris Back On The Cornelia Marie?

Jake Harris coming back to “The Cornelia Marie” isn’t exactly surprising. Harris has expressed a desire to go fishing with his brother once again.

Jake Harris, the son of famed fisherman Captain Phil Harris, made his debut on Season 2 of Discovery Channel’s famous reality show Deadliest Catch.

The show covers the lives of a group of Bering Sea fishermen. The series also focuses on their personal lives and their troubles and obstacles.

Is Jake Harris Listed On Wiki?

Jake Harris’s bio is not listed on the official page of Wikipedia, but his late father, Phil Harris, is listed on it.

Jake Harris’ father, Phil Harris, died unexpectedly in 2010, leaving his two sons, Jake and Josh Harris, in charge of their father’s professional crab fishing boat. In 2012, however, Josh was forced to take over after Jake unexpectedly quit the show.

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Jake Harris Death

According to, Jake Harris is alive and well. The rumors may have started when Jake was found badly assaulted on the highway and sent to the hospital.

The assault resulted in a cracked skull, and he was also robbed of $2,000 in cash. Later, he assisted the police in tracking down his attackers, who were caught. His attackers were a female he met at a casino and her friend.

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