Catherine Mehaffey Shelton, Texas Lawyer and Mayhem Details

Who Is Catherine Mehaffey Shelton?

Catherine Mehaffey is a Texas lawyer. who faced murder accusations but has never got charged with it.

Catherine Mehaffey is a defense attorney infamous for finding her way to escape trouble. She became a person of interest after people around her started dying. 

Her case has again come to the flash with “48 hours” researching on the woman. And the release of the crime series “Chasing Catherine Shelton” on the channel.

A Texas lawyer and five mysterious men who died around her utterly shocked the world at the time. 

What Happened To Texas Lawyer Catherine Mehaffey Shelton?

A Texas Lawyer, Catherine Mehaffey Shelton, faces an allegation of shooting her ex-husband, Matt Quinland, who was a Navy officer. However, she got her way out of the case and didn’t face any charges.

On top of that, any man who had been in around or in contact with her faced death. Regardless, she has denied the accusation against her and mentioned it’s not unusual following her work line.

However, Shelton’s downfall started after she started her relationship with Gary Taylor, a local newspaper reporter. As mentioned in CBS News, she lured him to her place and attempted to murder him.

Luckily he escaped, and Catherine was convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison for ten years. But soon, her case changed, and she was charged with aggravated assault and served probation.

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Meet Catherine Mehaffey Shelton On Wiki Following Obituary:

Catherine Mehaffey Shelton is not on the Wikipedia page, but her obituary news is circulating the internet. No official sites have yet confirmed her death news.

She is a Texas native and a defense attorney who completed her education at the University of Houston as a law student. With people around her dying, she has been a person of interest for a while. 

Regardless, Shelton has kept her lips tight about the matter, and the mysterious death around her, while denying the accusation. 

Catherine Mehaffey Shelton 2019 Case Timeline On 48 Hours:

CBS News has recently released Catherine Mehaffey Shelton’s case timeline in 48 hours.

However, the timeline has covered the case till 2017, following the 2022 interview, and 2019 is a mystery on its own. A Texas lawyer now faces a trial scheduled this summer.

In a recent interview with Jenna Jackson, she mentioned, “I have never killed any human being… I have never paid anyone to kill any human being, promised anyone that I would pay them to kill another human being, offered anyone anything of value.”

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