Bianca Rudolph Death And Pittsburgh Husband Lawrence

Bianca Rudolph died of a gunshot

during an African safari alongside her husband Lawrence “Larry” Rudolph in 2016. Both Bianca and Lawrence were big-game hunters and traveled to Kafue National Park in Zambia.

Larry is a dentist from Pittsburgh who is in federal custody awaiting trial on charges of his wife’s murder on a 2016 African safari vacation. The pair were onto their favorite location, where Bianca tragically lost her life.

No one would have ever imagined Bianca would never make it home, and that tragic incident would end years later with allegations of coverups, fraud, infidelity, and murder. Here is some light on the case of Pittsburgh Bianca.

Pittsburgh Bianca Rudolph Obituary And Death Cause

Bianca Rudolph and her husband Lawrence Rudolph were both skilled big game hunters who traveled to a favorite destination, Kafue National Park in Zambia, where a tragic incident ended their life of Bianca.

The pair were getting ready to head back to the United States after a fantastic safari vacation in Zambia, Africa, when tragedy struck in October 2016.

LIVE IN THE EAST: Lawrence and Bianca Rudolph went on a safari hunting trip in Zambia.

No one would have ever imagined that Bianca wouldn’t make it home.

— 48 Hours (@48hours) April 17, 2022
Lawrence, a Pittsburgh-area dentist, heard a gunshot while in the bathroom. He immediately rushed outside and discovered his wife bleeding, dead on the bedroom floor.

According to Lawrence, Bianca must have accidentally fired on herself while packing the shotgun. The statement further raises questions about how an experienced hunter got into such an accident.

Moreover, the game scout Spencer Takoma stated that after the hunt, the guns are supposed to be emptied of ammunition. Lawrence quickly cremated his wife’s body in Zambia, which further led to a don’t as if it was really an accident. 

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Husband Lawrence Rudolph Charged On Murder Of Wife Bianca Rudolph

Following many doubts about the incident, Investigators worked for five years in the case of Bianca Rudolph and arrested her husband Lawrence Rudolph in December 2021 for the murder charge.

Larry had his wife’s Bianace body quickly cremated, which led one of Bianca’s friends to doubt this was an accident. Following her death, the friend contacted the FBI.

According to the compliant, Larry was having an affair and had been verbally abusive to Bianca. Moreover, the pair even fought over money, as per the friend’s statement.

Moreover, Larry has maintained his innocence. The Pittsburgh dentist faces charges of foreign murder and mall fraud in connection with the nearly $5 million in life insurance payout he collected after Bianca’s death.

Lawrence was arrested on December 22 in Mexico and is in custody in Denver. Lawrence and his girlfriend, Lori Milliron, are set to stand a trial in July.

More On Bianca Rudolph Death – Husband Lawrence Rudolph Jail Sentence

According to the initial inquiry, Lawrence Rudolph was taking a shower when he heard a gunshot and rushed to his wife, Bianca Rudolph, in the other room.

He claimed that his wife was packing the Browning shotgun when it inadvertently went off, killing Bianca. The Pittsburgh dentist further assumed that the gun had been left loaded after the previous day’s hunting.

Larry, who seemed to have it all, sadly lost his loving wife, Bianca, tragically on a hunting trip in October 2016. However, investigators discovered more evidence that proved Bianca’s death was not an accident as time went on.

Lawrence was arrested in December by the Federal authorities, who operated Hempfield-based Three Rivers Dental Group, in connection with Bianca’s death.

The initial plea of Larry to reside with his daughter in Cranberry Township was denied by a judge in late January 2022. Currently, he is in detention in Denver, Colorado, pleading his trial.

In April 2022, it was scheduled that Lawrence and his girlfriend Lori would be tried in July of this year.

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