Aminah Hayat Partner Meraj Zafar Where Are Now? Her Family, Age, Biography Details

Who Is Aminah Hayat?

Aminah hayat is a surgeon. Aminah Hayat shared an apartment with her lover, Meraj Zafar.

Meraj is accused of murdering her, and the couple is said to have only met a few months ago. 

Both of their parents are said to be dissatisfied with the connection.

Aminah Hayat’s partner Meraj Zafar alleged murdered her and left her in a bath filled with acid. The Bangladeshi parents of the girl Abu Hayat and Mahafuzer Akter were struggling to cope with the horrific condition of their daughter’s body.

Surgeon: Aminah Hayat Partner Meraj Zafar.

Aminah Hayat’s partner Meraj Zafar was arrested and accused of killing the 19-year-old surgeon. 

Meraj Zafar is seen sharing social media photos spending a sweet moment with his lover Aminah.

He reportedly killed her and dumped her body in an acid bath.

Aminah Hayat was 19 years old who was reportedly discovered in the bathtub of the couple’s shared apartment in North Parramatta, Sydney’s west, on Sunday.

The photos from the North Parramatta flat reveal a tiny bathroom with a toilet and sink crammed close to the bath where Aminah Hayat’s remains were discovered on Sunday.

The situation was so tricky that police had to enlist the help of hazmat and Fire and Rescue NSW workers.

Aminah’s face was so terribly deformed. 

The parents of a 19 -year-old victim claimed they would not be able to give her a send-off or see her face again.

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Who Are Aminah Hayat Parents: Abu Hayat and Mahafuzer Akter?

Aminah Hayat’s parents Abu Hayat and Mahafuzer Akter’s pain on seeing her daughter killed in the most horrific condition is unimaginable. 

The acid deformed Aminah’s face.

Mr. and Mrs. Hayat said that they have a hard time coping with the horrible state of their daughter’s body. 

The body was reportedly drowned in a bathtub filled with hydrochloric acid.

They said they wouldn’t be able to see their “beautiful daughter’s face” before burying her in Bangladeshi tradition. 

Ms. Hayat’s feet were the only part of her body that wasn’t destroyed.

Aminah Hayat Wiki And Ethnicity 

Aminah Hayat was 19 years old Bangladeshi national who moved to Australia to become a surgeon. 

Hayat relocated to Australia with her parents when she was younger. 

Aminah was in her second year of university, studying medicine and aspiring to become a surgeon.

Ms. Hayat moved in with the suspected murderer around six months ago.

Her father Abu Hayat and mother Mahafuza Akter said they had minimal communication with their daughter.

Ms. Hayat married Zafar barely weeks before her untimely demise.

Her father, Mr. Hayat, said, ‘Everyone wished for her to become a well-known doctor,’ and added, ‘She wished to assist others.’

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