American Idol Winner Laine Hardy Arrest Warrant What Did He Do? All details

Laine Hardy Given A Arrest Warrant FromUniversity, What Did He Do?

Laine Hardy received an arrest warrant from Louisiana State University Police Department. 

The American Idol winner, Laine Hardy seems to be facing a tough situation. He revealed that he is facings some allegations for which he received a warrant from Louisiana State University Police. His fans are worried for him but have shown him their support.

Laine Hardy Arrest Warrant From Louisiana State University


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Laine Hardy announced that there was an arrest warrant issued on his name from Louisiana State University. The American Idol winner recently made a post on his Facebook account.

He stated that he was informed of a warrant against him early today. He added that he had been completely cooperative with the Louisiana State University Police Department. However, he said that there were some sensitive allegations made against him.

He also said that his career as a singer put him into the spotlight, but this time he requested privacy and said he would fully cooperate in the case. His fans were quick to support him as they expressed their concern over the issue on social media. 

His fans said although they do not know what has happened, they hope his name will get clear and he does not suffer any unjust.

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What Did Laine Hardy Do?


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The Louisiana State University Police Department has not mentioned what Laine Hardy has done for them to issue a warrant against him. But, the singer had said that those allegations were sensitive. And, it seems his shows are canceled for the time being. We do not know what ‘sensitive’ here means, but it seems the accusations are severe. Likewise, according to an LSU spokesperson, they could confirm that Hardy is the subject of an ongoing investigation. Still, they did not disclose any other details regarding the situation, as per

What Are The Charges On Laine Hardy?

Laine Hardy is yet to disclose what charges he is facing. But, he has said that they are sensitive, and he does not wish to reveal it yet.He has asked for privacy in this difficult situation and claimed that he would cooperate with the police department. Thus, we will need to wait for some time before getting any further updates. 

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