American Idol Contestant Lady Might Be Missing A Tooth, What Happend To Her

Is Lady Missing A Tooth?

Lady K has a small distortion in her teeth pattern, with one tooth lacking.

She has been snuggly about the reason for her teeth missing. She must have had lacking teeth even when she was a kid.

Lady K hasn’t given any explanation for her missing teeth. However, it has no damage to her wonderful voice or singing.

Her followers may have discovered her missing teeth during her show or in photographs she shared online. She has also teamed with other singers and created an amount of music.

She is one of the most outstanding singers, and her teeth may be ignored when attending to her lovely voice. Her performance stunned all of the judges as well.

Lady K joins ABC’s Singing Reality Show American Idol

Is Lady K from American Idol missing a tooth? What happened to her face? Continue reading to know her real name in the article given below.

Lady K joins ABC’s singing reality show American Idol for the 20th season. She impressed the judges by reciting Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake” on her American Idol audition.

She is active on YouTube, where she releases her creative films frequently. Lady’s debut song was released in 2015, and it swiftly won her widespread attention.

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What Is American Idol Contestant Lady K Real Name?

Kezia Istonia is the real name of American Idol Contestant Lady K. She is a 25-year-old Alabama native who came from Montgomery. 

Her father’s name is Miles Montego Foggy, while her mother’s name is missing. Lady K holds the nationality of the United States of America.

Lady K grew up with four siblings raised by a single mother due to some personal challenges. They faced so many financial difficulties during their childhood. 

She appeared on season 20 of the successful show American Idol in 2022. She won the hearts of millions with her beautiful voice and became a fan’s favorite.

What Happened To Lady K Face?

Lady K’s face seemed to be completely good, and nothing had happened to date. On the other hand, she has gone through various hair transformations.

Her song “Save Me” was a viral sensation, receiving over a million. Her other song, “Unfinished Love Story,” gives tribute to having faith in a relationship despite its hardships.

Follow Lady On Instagram 

Her latest Instagram feed mostly includes photos and videos from American Idol. Besides that, she also shares moments with her siblings and mother. 

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