“Sculpture by John Chamberlain: Bloodydrivetrain, 2007 (Painted and chromium plated steel)” / Galerie Karsten Greve AG St. Moritz / Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 / SML.20130523.6D.13855

One man’s trash is another’s treasure. John Angus Chamberlain (April 16, 1927 – December 21, 2011)’s sculptural works are of pure magic, where their raw materials started lives as that from old car wrecks into something which is best described as a three-dimensional Abstract Expressionist (AbEx) forms. The downside of using trash as raw materials is that they can be misinterpreted. Apparently, in 1973, two 300-pound metal pieces by Chamberlain were mistaken for junk and carted away as they s...
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